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Some of these photos were taken during the Vic Medieval Market 2011. For details of this year's medieval fair please check our Calender of Events

The romanesque bridge of Vic near Barcelona in Catalonia Spain. Photo of the romanesque bridge over the river taken during the medieval fair 2011.

Archery competition in front of the Romanesque bridge during the medieval market of Vic 2011.

The Medieval Cathedral of vic with its splendid romanesque tower

The Gothic cathedral of Vic with its typical Catalan Romanesque tower.

Photo of carved stone crosses in Vic.

Carved stone crosses.

An olive tree is covered with notes containing wishes during the medieval market of vic 2011

Visitors to Vic's medieval fair tie notes containing wishes to the branches of an olive tree.

A narrow street scene showing the medieval cathedral and hospital of Vic

Narrow alleyway in the medieval old quarter of Vic.

During the middle ages this roman temple in Vic became the keep of Wilfred the hairy's castle

This Roman temple was originally built in the 2nd century. In the 9th century Wilfred the Hairy added fortified outer walls, incorporating the original temple into his medieval castle.

Photo taken at Vic medieval fair 2011

A stallholder in traditional costume carves meat during the Vic medieval market 2011.

The remains of Vic's medieval castle

The remains of the stone outer walls and courtyard of Vic's 9th century medieval castle.

The Romanesque bell tower of Vic Cathedral

The beautiful Romanesque tower of the Cathedral of "Sant Pere" Vic.

Musicians in medieval costume play traditional catalonian music at Vic Medieval Market

A band of wandering musicians at the "Mercat Medieval" Vic 2011 .

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