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Panoramic view of the Spanish city of Toledo.The photo was taken from the towers of the Church of St Idelfons and shows a large portion of the city and surroundings including the Alcazar.

A panoramic view of Toledo including the Alcázar and the 13th century Gothic Cathedral.

The Babal Mardum Gate, Toledo. Close up photo of one of the gateways which controlled access to the walled city of Toledo.

The tenth century Bab Al Mardum fortified medieval gateway. [Photographer:]

Photo of the painted interior of the San Roman Church, Toledo. The photo is slightly blurred due to low light but shows the rich decorations of this church which is now a Visigoth museum.

The painted interior of the San Roman Church which houses the Visigoth museum.

Statue of Queen Isabel I of Spain.

Statue of "Isabel La Catolica" (Elizabeth the Catholic) Toledo. [Photographer:]

Half timbered buildings in the medieval centre of Toledo, Spain.

Typical medieval half-timbered building. [Photographer:]

Photo of the house where the painter El Greco lived in Toledo, now a museum. Unfortunately the building was undergoing restoration work when we visited so we had to settle for this photo taken over the wall

The El Greco museum, Toledo. [Photographer:]

The Cristo Luz Mosque, Toledo. Undergoing restoration when we visited in 2010.

The Mosque of Cristo de La Luz is the only Mosque in Toledo that has remained unchanged since it was built in 999.
As can be seen from the photo, it was restored in 2010. [Photographer:]

The flags of Toledo, Catite, Spain and Europe flying in front of the  Puerta Nueva Bisagra gate, Toledo.

The Puerta Bisagra gateway was originally built in the sixth century. [Photographer:]

Statue of Alfonso VI of Spain.

Statue of Alfonso VI of Leon. [Photographer:]

Close up photo of the Alcazar, Toledo.

The Alcazar of Toledo was originally a Roman palace, it now houses the military museum.

Close up photo of a studded wooden door showing the metal door knocker in the shape of a dragon.

A wrought iron dragon doorknocker. [Photographer:]

Close up photo of the church of santiago el mayor, Toledo.

The thirteenth century Mudéjar church of "Santiago el Mayor".

The Puente de Alcantara bridge over the river Tajo with the Alcazar and the old town of Toledo in the background.

The Alcázar dominates this view of the Alcanatara Bridge and the old town.

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