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Photographs taken in the beautiful medieval village of Pals on the Spanish Costa Brava.

Medieval stone arches in Pals a tiny village near Girona, Spain

Stone arches Pals

A Catalan flag flying on the side of a medieval stone house in Pals near Girona, Spain

The Senyera Catalan flag flying on the side of a house in Pals

Narrow Street with a bridge and arches between stone houses in the medieval village of Pals, Catalonia.

Narrow Streets between medieval stone houses, Pals

Medieval stone houses in the picturesque village of Pals, Costa Brava.

Elegant medieval stone houses.

Distant views of the Costa Brava from Pals medieval village

Spectacular views of the Costa Brava and surrounding countryside.

Cobbled streets winding between the medieval houses in Pals Northern Spain.

Narrow cobbled streets.

Imposing medieval stone watchtower Pals Northern Spain

The 15m high Heroes Tower was built in the eleventh century.

Medieval Stone walls surrounding the tiny village of Pals, Catalonia.

These fortified walls were built between the 12th and 14th Century.

Typical stone arches and balconies of medieval houses in Spain.

The entire village is built of local stone.

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