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The medieval bridge of Frias,near Burgos Spain. Photo of the romanesque bridge over the river Ebro with the village visible in the background.
The medieval castle of Frias perched precariously above the village's timbered houses
View from below of the medieval hanging houses of Frias - similar to those seen in Cuenca, Spain
View from the castle of the medieval village of Frias on a cloudy day in August
Another view of the medieval castle of Frias
Slightly dingy view of the courtyard of Frais castle on a cloudy day
The church of San Vincente and part of the old town walls, Frias near Burgos ,Spain
A typical 2 piece front door of a Spanish medieval house (or 3 piece if you include the wooden catflap)
The tiny village of Frias near Brgos, Spain. Slightly underexposed photo from the road leading to the village
A landscape shot showing the views on the way to Frias from Burgos, Spain
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