Manresa Medieval Fair 2011 (Fira de L'Aixada)

These photos were taken during the Manresa Medieval Market 2011. For details of this year's medieval fair please check our Calender of Events

A medieval Spanish Knight in armour and the Lord of the Manor acompany the king as he enters Manresa on horseback .Also in this photo are other participants in medieval costume at the Medieval Fair of Manresa, Catalonia Spain

Medieval Knight - Manresa Medieval Fair 2011 [Photographer:]

A Scribe in medieval dress sits at his stall awaiting his next customer in the 2011 Medieval Fair in Manresa, Catalonia Spain

Scribe - Manresa Medieval Fair 2011 [Photographer:]

Photo of a young woman dressed as a medieval witch, her face painted to represent a tiger and carrying a sheeps skull, in Manresa's medieval Fair 2011.

Witch - Manresa Medieval Fair 2011 [Photographer:]

A group of medieval town drunks enjoy a drop of Spanish wine.Febuary 2011 Manresa Medieval Fair, Catalonia Spain

Drunks - Manresa Medieval Fair 2011 [Photographer:]

In this photo, King Pere III arrives in Manresa on horesback escorted by members of his court and knights in armour.There are coloured flags and banners hanging from balconies in the background.

King Pere III - Manresa Medieval Fair 2011 [Photographer:]

Dancers in traditional medieval costume perform a dance on stage in front of Manresa town hall

Traditional Medieval Dance - Manresa Medieval Fair 2011 [Photographer:]

Castellers form a traditional Catalonian human Castle in front of Manresa town hall while the king and royal family look on from the balcony .These towers are typical across Catalonia and are often bigger than the one shown here.

Castellers - Manresa Medieval Fair 2011 [Photographer:]

A traditional Catalonian Correfoc or running fire - A fibreglass dragon adorned with burning fireworks dances surrounded by drummers in Medieval costume .Manresa Medieval 2011, Catalonia Spain

Correfoc- Slaying the Dragon - Manresa Medieval Fair 2011 [Photographer:]

This photograph shows a stallholder in traditional medieval dress hard at work selling traditional food in her medieval market stall.Participants in the Fira de L'Aixada, Catalonia Spain

Traditional food market - Manresa Medieval Fair 2011 [Photographer:]

Medieval knights in armour, drummers and musicians on parade in front of the cathedral, Manresa Spain.

Procession - Manresa Medieval Fair 2011 [Photographer:]

How to get there:

  • By Train: Local trains run hourly from Barcelona to Manresa - Line R4. The journey takes 1hr 15mins
  • By Road: Manresa is about 65km from Barcelona, C16 direction Andorra
  • Manresa Tourist Information: 0034 938784090

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