The following is hopefully a complete list of the books, magazines and websites about Spain which we used while travelling in Spain and as reference material when preparing this website


  • Spain A history - Raymond Carr et al
  • People Places and Things - Geoffrey Grigson et al
  • Spain (Lonely Planet Country Guide) - Damion Simonis et al
  • Gran Referencia Vox - Credsa
  • Introduccion a la Historia Medieval - Francisco Ruiz Gomez
  • La España Medieval - Emilio Mitre
  • Geografia i Història d'Espanya - Active Multimedia
  • La Alta Edad Media - Julio Valdeon
  • Las Cruzadas - Maria Antonia Loste
  • Leyendas Esapñolas de Todos Los Tiempos - Jose Maria Merino
  • De la Expansion Arabe a la Reconquista: Esplendor y Fragilidad da al-Andalus
  • Pierre Guichard
  • Pueblos con Encanto - El Pais/Aguilar


  • Viajes - National Geographic
  • Historia - National Geographic
  • Historia y Vida
  • Sàpiens
  • Medieval


The following are some of the Websites we have found useful.(In addition to those listed on our links page)

  • - The web of the University of California